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Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Mayoral and Councillor Discretionary Funding 2017-18

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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Council's online grant application service for Councillor Discretionary Funding.

Before you start this application, it is important to read the Mayor and Councillor Discretionary Funding Program Guidelines

Please note that businesses, government agencies or departments, and applications addressing the core business of educational, religious or medical organisations, are not eligible to apply to this Program.

The Mayor and individual Councillors may choose to opt in or out of the Mayoral and Councillor Discretionary Fund. All Councillors have chosen to opt in this year.

Applications to the Councillor Discretionary Funding Program are open all year, subject to the availability of funds, up to an amount of $100,000. Applicants must liaise with the Councillor's or Mayor's personal assistant prior to lodging an application.

If you require assistance filling out this form, help is available on the last page. 

  • Applications must be submitted to the Divisional Councillor/s where the community organisation is located or where the project will bring most benefit.
  • Applications must be submitted to the Mayor for projects which have broader regional community benefits (within the Sunshine Coast region only).

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Councillor Discretionary Funding is very competitive and not all projects can be funded.  Please see here for other funding opportunites which are available

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If more than one suburb, please just name the main suburb

 You can find postcodes here.

Mayoral or Divisional Councillor fund for which you are applying? * Required
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This should be where your organisation is located, or where the project will bring the most benefit.

Not sure who your local councillor is, or which division your project will take place in?  Find out on the Electoral Commission of Queensland website

If Councillor Discretionary Funding is not available in your division, please contact a Grants Officer on (07) 5420 8616 for details of other funding opportunities.

Organisation NFP Status

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*Co-operatives and Trusts must submit evidence of their NFP status. This may include an extract of the not-for-profit clause or dissolution clause in their consitution or governing documents. 

    This is only required for co-ops and trusts